The city council decided on the phasing and costs of the construction of the Crown Bridges tramway line

Kruunusillat mereltä käsin
Kruunusillat, Helsingin kaupunki, WSP, Knight Architects

On 25 August 2021, the Helsinki City Council approved the construction stages of the Crown Bridges tramway line, first between Hakaniemi and Laajasalo, as well as a new cost estimate. According to the decision

  • In phase 1, a tramway line connection will be built from Laajasalo to Hakaniemi. The total cost estimate for the section is EUR 326 million.

The work to be carried out during phase 1 includes the construction of a tramway line between Laajasalo and Hakaniemi and the construction of three bridges (Merihaansilta, Finkensilta ja Kruunuvuorensilta). A temporary terminus will be built in Hakaniemi.

  • Phase 2, i.e. the planning and preparation of the implementation of the tramway line section between Hakaniemi and Helsinki Central Station will continue. The cost estimate for the section will be submitted separately for later approval. A current rough estimate of the cost is about EUR 10 million.

The construction project is divided into parts

The Crown Bridges project will be implemented in several phases.

The first phase of the project will be implemented by combining two types of contracts:

Crown Bridges alliance is building a tramway line connection between Laajasalo and Hakaniemi, as well as Merihaansilta bridge.  The alliance is aiming to begin construction of the tramway line connection this autumn.

In addition to the City of Helsinki and the Finnish Transport Agency HKL, Crown Bridges alliance consists of NRC Group Finland Oy and YIT Suomi Oy, Ramboll Finland Oy, Sitowise Oyj and Sweco Infra & Rail Oy.

The two bridges between Kalasatama and Kruunuvuorenranta, i.e. the Finkensilta and Kruunuvuorensilta bridges, as well as the earthworks in Korkeasaari, will be implemented under a lump-sum contract. In May 2021, the lump-sum contract was won by Työyhteenliittymä Kruunusillat, which consists of Kreate Oy and YIT Suomi Oy. According to the offer, the total price of the contract is approximately EUR 123 million. Construction work on the bridge contract is likely to begin next autumn.

In the second phase, a tramway line connection will be built from Hakaniemi to Helsinki Central Railway Station. The builder and cost of the second phase will be decided upon at a later date. Construction of the second phase will begin after 2026.

At Laajasalo, the implementation and costs of the Yliskylä section will be reassessed. The construction, costs and timing of this third phase will be decided upon separately at a later date.

In addition to the tramway line, Crown Bridges alliance is also planning to build other street construction projects to develop the city. These include, for example, the construction of a new Hakaniemensilla bridge to replace a dilapidated bridge and the construction of new streets in Hakaniemi. Crown Bridges alliance started construction projects last spring in Hakaniemi and Kruunuvuorenranta.