Information about the construction work on these pages

Tuleva Kruunuvuorensilta kurkottaa yli Kruunuvuorenselän. Etualalla Korkeasaari ja taustalla Kruunuvuorenranta. Kuvan alareunassa näkyy myös nykyinen Korkeasaarensilta ja tulevan Finkensillan pää. Kuva: WSP ja Knight Architects

We, the builders of the Crown Bridges Light Rail, are also building a new beach and streets by the tram line, as well as a new Hakaniemi Bridge. We are also fixing your sewers, water pipes and electricity and telecommunication cables.

Our worksites in the urban area will unavoidably cause plenty of inconveniences, particularly loud noise and changing traffic arrangements. The noisy work will last years in the Hakaniemi area.

Area-specific information

We want to actively provide information about any inconveniences so that you can prepare for them better. This website features an information bank on everything related to the Crown Bridges Light Rail. The website will be updated and expanded as the planning and construction progress.

In the ‘Project information’ section, you can find information such as answers to frequently asked questions. You can find our area-specific pages in the ‘Construction’ section. Each area-specific page will feature:

  • a street-specific construction schedule that will contain more detailed information as the construction time draws nearer.
  • information about what we are building and where, and how the area will change.
  • area-specific news, in which we will provide information about upcoming traffic arrangements, night work and particularly noisy work phases.
  • a map that shows current traffic arrangements caused by the Crown Bridges worksites.

Unfortunately, some of the materials are available only in Finnish, at least for now. Bulletins regarding noise and night work will be written in both Finnish and Swedish.

Tip: You can bookmark the page of your area in your web browser. This will give you direct access to the page that interests you the most.

We are active on social media

You can find the same information on Facebook and Twitter, which also serve as convenient channels for contacting us. If you do not use social media, you can follow the news on this website. You can use the feedback form to give us feedback.

What if I do not use the internet?

We will provide information about starting major worksites, night work and any short water or electricity outages by issuing apartment or stairwell specific bulletins.